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AYG and Eeteuk's birthday post :D

regina and i :D

yay! im finally posting on lj... after so long. cos apparently blogger doesnt let me upload my pics. for some reason. XD haha.
anw grp photo with some of the nanhua dancers ^^ ahah. at indoor. btw this is a super delayed ayg post XD ahha
yea. so hmm....
SUJU?Collapse )

pretty eh?

this my close up shot of my dance badge. i know this is kinda long ago but i should have post it up when i got a better camera. yea.  see that dolphin beside it? yea. its given by tracy and limin to me! ^^ yupx. and then the rose there i made it when jean was leaving for australia.
im been quite good. i left not alot of hw. which i aim to finish it before 1 dec. which is like tmr. o.o wth. ok. i cant finish by tmr XD yea. haha.

-> 1 eng compo
-> 3 extra chinese hw
-> 1 chem spa left
-> a few chem ws.

lol. ok thats still quite alot ><
i finished watching kurosagi and im finishing nobuta soon. im at epi 6 now. yupx. and to cheryl: my mum thinks kame looks o.o yea. really o.o XD no offence though. haha. and u know the guy that like nobuta? i think he quite cute leh.. i dont know whats his name though XD regina: i think yr idol looks cute in the show but dont worry i wont steal him away ^^

Soundwaves 12 to 12

sec 3 dancers who went to the concert from left to right (nicole, me, letty, regina, eudea, glenda, amanda, sharon, geraldine, aloycia, xiuxian)

a smaller grp of sec 3 dancers from left to right (eudea, regina, letty, me, sharon)

So basically, we went to esplanade to watch a PA concert 'Soundwave 12 to 12'. I really love it alot and i dont mind watching it again XD yea. The male lead was George Chan, he was also the judge for 'The Dance Floor'. The female lead was Elena Wang, never heard of her before but she is very talented. She is able to tap, pointe, ball room, sing, act and well, dance very nice. XD yupx. 
Anyway, congrats to myself cos im finally blogging here XD compared to the first post. yupx XD haha. and i finally figured out how to type chinese in my tablet. ok. lets try. 
大家好。我终于在live journal 写日记了!lol. thats so random. ok.
more will come~ ^^

First time blogging here~ n__n

 Hey hey! n__n
this is my first time blogging at lj so yea. im quite new to it. i usually blog at blogspot so its different for me. 
School is starting for me tmr and i seriously i hate. my holidays aint really well spent and im going back to sch so soon. yupx. 
idk what to blog XD oh well. hope to meet more frens from ctmb or thmb in lj~ add me~ n__n